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Business Advisory

Your Most Valuable Asset

Our Certified Business Valuation report provides a detailed analysis of your business’s value. We go beyond mere valuation figures to enable in-depth discussions on various conclusions of value and year-over-year comparisons of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against industry averages. The initial sections of our report offer background on the importance of business valuation and the circumstances that typically necessitate such an assessment, setting the stage for deeper analysis.

Our report defines crucial valuation terms like Asset Value, Equity Value, and Enterprise Value, highlighting which values are most pertinent depending on different business scenarios. Next, we explain our methodology, providing insight into the techniques used to calculate the different values presented in the report.

Next, we outline the monetary values for each valuation conclusion, advising you on which valuation is most applicable based on your business’s specific circumstances. This is particularly crucial for making informed decisions tailored to the needs of your business.

Financial summaries are presented, which synthesize the data entered into our platform to provide a snapshot of your business’s financial health over time. This section is essential for understanding the financial trends that influence our valuation conclusions.

Our report extensively analyses KPIs, detailing a year-over-year comparison of various performance metrics. We culminate this analysis by comparing these KPIs against industry averages, providing graphical representations that clarify how your business stands relative to its peers in the industry.

Overall, our Certified Business Valuation report is an indispensable tool for business owners like you and potential buyers. It offers a robust framework for understanding not just the numerical value of your business, but also the strategic insights required to evaluate its performance comprehensively and make informed decisions based on both historical data and industry positioning.

A Value Optimization Plan

Our Value Optimization Plan (VOP) is a strategic framework designed to assess and enhance the intrinsic value of your company through a structured three-level improvement process. Each level targets specific aspects of your company’s operations and capabilities to ensure a comprehensive value enhancement.

Level 1 focuses on “Protecting your Company from Downside Exposure,” emphasizing the establishment of foundational elements that safeguard long-term sustainability. This level prioritizes addressing basic operational and strategic risks to ensure your company has a solid base from which to grow.

Level 2, “Enhancing the Quality of Existing Core Operations,” aims to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of current operations. This involves implementing best practices and continuous improvement strategies to maximize the value of your company’s existing size and market position, focusing on refinement rather than expansion.

Level 3, “Positioning Your Company for Successful Growth,” is about identifying and implementing strategies that enable profitable and sustainable growth. This level is prioritized only after the foundational and operational improvements have been solidified, ensuring your company is well-prepared for expansion.

The methodology of VOP is organized into eight key categories: Planning, Leadership, People, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Legal. Each category is critical to the overall balance and quality of the organization, and is further segmented into subcategories that pinpoint specific development areas.

Additionally, our VOP process employs proprietary key indicators such as Quality Score, Risk Score, and Intrinsic Value to gauge the company’s development, operational efficiency, and financial stability. These metrics not only provide a detailed picture of the current state but also help in crafting a customized roadmap for future improvements, ensuring your company’s actions are aligned with enhancing its overall value.

An Exit Planning Strategy

The sale of a business is a monumental moment in an entrepreneur’s journey. Our Value Acceleration Methodology™ is a strategic framework that enhances your business value, focusing on impactful actions that can be taken today to increase transferrable value and best in class valuation. This forward-thinking approach is designed to maximize present opportunities rather than speculate on future conditions.

Our philosophy is to provide unbiased guidance on all exit strategies, ensuring that you make informed decisions that best suit your diverse needs. We adopt a collaborative approach, bringing together a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who contribute their specialized expertise to support the success of your business.

We strive to align your business strategy with your personal and financial goals, creating a harmonious Exit Plan that integrates all aspects of your life. This comprehensive method ensures that the strategy we develop together not only prepares your business for a successful transition but also aligns with your broader life ambitions, securing a prosperous future post-exit.

Our Value Acceleration Methodology™ is structured around three distinct phases, starting with the Discover Gate. This initial phase sets the foundation by conducting a Certified Business Valuation, transitioning from speculative assumptions to concrete, data-driven strategies. This approach ensures a thorough understanding of the business’s current standing and potential areas for improvement.

The process progresses to the Prepare Gate, where strategies are put into motion through our VOP process. This stage breaks down complex tasks into manageable 90-day cycles, concentrating on shielding your company from potential risks, enhancing the quality of core operations, and positioning for sustainable growth. This systematic approach not only refines daily operations but also prepares the business for future scaling and development.

Concluding with the Decide Gate, this critical decision-making phase occurs every 90 days, allowing you to reassess and make strategic choices regarding the future of your business. This stage considers both emotional and economic factors and explores various exit strategies tailored to your unique situation—ranging from family succession to selling to private entities. Our methodology aligns your business strategy with your personal goals, ensuring a seamless transition when you decide to exit, with Modern Wealth as your guide through the complexities of business ownership and into the next phase of your professional journey.

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