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Our EVOKE® Process

1. Exploration

The Exploration call is a conversation that offers a pressure-free environment aimed at understanding your goals, and expectations. We encourage all questions, from inquiries about our fees to our process. This session provides a clear overview of our unique approach called EVOKE®, which integrates Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Life Planning, and Business Advisory.

If we seem like we’re a good fit, we’ll move forward to our Vision meeting where we delve deeper into what you can expect as a client of Modern Wealth. If not, we’re ready to suggest alternatives more aligned with your needs. As an independent fiduciary, your best interests are our top priority.

Exploration is more than just an initial meeting; it’s a crucial first step in redefining your financial priorities and setting the path towards your best life.

2. Vision

In Vision, we present a clear, jargon-free process to how we help you achieve financial freedom. This involves demonstrating the tangible benefits of our advice and giving an insight into what real financial planning feels like. Our aim is to keep the conversation straightforward and relatable.

Prior to this meeting, we ask all decision-makers to complete the “Three Questions,” a crucial and rewarding exercise to your success. During Vision, we delve into your answers as they form the core goals of your Financial Plan. For those with partners, we merge both visions to craft a unified path, fostering excitement and empowerment for the future.

At the conclusion of Vision, we will mutually decide on the ideal partnership and provide a precise quote for our tailored services. With the highest standard of total transparency, we address any questions or concerns you might have regarding our process, expectations, outcomes, or fees.

3. Obstacles

The Obstacles meeting is a pivotal stage where we meticulously gather and verify your financial data to provide exceptional advice and foster a collaborative decision-making process. This tailored approach is designed to streamline your financial life and ensure that all advice is precise to your unique situation.

Our process begins with the Financial Planning Questionnaire, which collects comprehensive information about your financial life, including goals, assets, liabilities, business financials, retirement plans, insurance, estate, and tax details. This is followed by your RightRisk™ Profile, providing a household risk summary and a visual risk-return analysis.

At the conclusion of Obstacles, our objective is to achieve a well-organized understanding of your financial status. We aim to establish a system that keeps your financial data up-to-date, secure, and efficiently managed. This solid foundation sets the stage for the creation of a comprehensive Financial Plan, marking a significant step towards financial clarity and control.

4. Knowledge

Our Knowledge meeting is a transformative experience where we unveil your Financial Plan and potentially your Certified Business Valuation. This session marks the culmination of Exploration, Vision, and Obstacles, setting the stage for your best life.

Your Financial Plan and Certified Business Valuation report act as comprehensive guides, providing a holistic view of your financial landscape and marking the base of our expert recommendations. These encompass a range of components that may include a certified business valuation, a value optimization plan, income and expenses analysis, a statement of net worth, an insurance and risk analysis, an investments management plan, a retirement savings and income plan, an estate analysis, and tax planning projections. Each element is meticulously crafted to align with your personal and business objectives.

The Knowledge Meeting is where we integrate your finances with your life’s goals, creating a clear, actionable, and adaptable plan. It’s a pivotal point where we review and refine your strategy, empowering you with the understanding and tools needed to navigate your financial future with confidence. Knowledge isn’t just power—it’s the foundation of our partnership and your success. It’s time to step into your best life.

5. Execution

At Modern Wealth, we believe the journey to your best life is ongoing, and the initial Financial Plan is just the beginning. Our philosophy is that the real value of Financial Planning lies in the continuous process of refinement and adaptation. We commit to regular reviews and updates, ensuring your plan remains aligned with your evolving goals and the changing financial landscape.

Our structured approach includes quarterly meetings, each with a specific focus: updating goals, cash flow, and retirement planning in Q1, strategizing taxes and estate planning in Q2, assessing investments and managing risks in Q3, and conducting a comprehensive year-end review with life planning in Q4. This systematic review ensures all aspects of your financial life are considered and kept on track.

For entrepreneurs and business owners, our service may extend to include an annual Certified Business Valuation and Value Optimization Plan (VOP). Your VOP includes additional sprints every 90-days designed to enhance business valuation and prepare for future transitions. Our proactive and personalized approach is geared towards empowering you with financial confidence and clarity.

Let's Chat

Join us for a complimentary 30-minute chat focused on your needs, goals, and vision. Enjoy a relaxed, no-pressure session to learn about our process and ask any questions. We’re here to listen, not to sell. Let’s discover what’s possible together!