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Tax Planning

Modern Tax Strategies

Our tax planning is designed to maximize your investment returns while minimizing tax liabilities. By carefully analyzing your unique tax situation, we develop personalized investment strategies that not only aim to grow your portfolio but also keep your tax burden low. This approach includes optimizing your retirement accounts, ensuring they align with your overall tax strategy for maximum long-term benefit.

As you begin to withdraw from your investments, we provide guidance on strategies that are sensitive to tax implications, helping to protect your accumulated wealth. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with your CPA to align investment decisions with tax planning, adapting seamlessly to any changes in tax laws and regulations.

We stay ahead of the curve with a proactive review of your tax returns, identifying opportunities to make strategic adjustments that can enhance your financial well-being. This forward-thinking method ensures that your investment and tax strategies are not only synchronized but also optimized for the ever-changing financial landscape.

Simplistic Tax Reporting

Considering all the above strategies, we provide a two simple to understand documents summarizing all the benefits in our Scenario Analysis and Tax Analysis reports.

Our Scenario Analysis Report allows us to immediately identify key income break points for tax planning opportunities like Roth conversions, tax-efficient withdrawals, charitable giving, and much more.

Our Tax Analysis report offer a clear breakdown of all the key figures you need to know—Total Income, Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), Total Tax, and your Capital Gains, among others. Confused about the jargon? Handy tooltips are available to clarify any terms. Highlights of our tax planning report include:

Our tax report offers a clear distinction between Ordinary Income, which includes standard earnings, and Qualified Income, derived from capital gains and dividends, each with their distinct tax treatments. To address the complexity of Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI), we’ve developed a “MAGI Tiers” approach, presenting a customized analysis for various financial situations that influence Medicare Part B/D Premiums.

Understanding tax brackets is crucial, and our report simplifies this by categorizing incomes into Ordinary and Qualified, acknowledging their different tax rates. This separation is essential for precise tax bracket placement, ensuring you’re aware of the specific tax obligations for each income type.

To further demystify the tax process, we calculate an average tax rate, offering a transparent perspective on the relationship between your income and the taxes you owe. This simplified rate analysis is designed to make it easier for you to grasp the tax impact on your overall income, aiding in more informed financial planning.

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